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Shoe Repair:

Everything you may need to have done, Fatima and her team will achieve it in time for you.


From the simplest to the most challenging tailoring and/or alteration, we take pride in a job well done.


From a simple hem to any major alteration on a wedding gown or a Tuxedo, we are qualified to do.

You need your business name and logo stitched on an assortment of promotional items? We can do that.

You just need a name or a monogram embroidered on a towel, a shirt or a cap? We can do that too.

You need a last minute gift item? Hem Over Heels will save the day.

Just feels like you lost your edges?


Don’t worry! Just bring us your knives and scissors. We’ll bring them back to the sharpness they were meant to be.


From the plain blades to the serrated edges, from the circular slicers to some garden tools, bring them in, we’ll tell you if we can restore them.

Following the lead of an award winning shoemaker, our team is proud to produce some of the most beautiful repair jobs in the industry. The lost art of shoe repairing is alive and well in our shop.


We are proud to be bringing you our craft wherever you may live through our mail order services. Don’t let your good shoes fall into the wrong hands

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