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North-West corner of Jog Rd & Woolbright Rd

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June 16, 2018

Back to business as usual… (well almost)!

After a truly difficult day to support one of our own

Yesterday, some of you came to visit while we were closed for a couple of hours. You either saw the note in the window or read the announcement on this website that we were grieving with one of our own. I have to admit, this was one of the hardest day I had in a very long time. But after we all came back from the funerals, we truly felt like we were there where we needed to be, with our friend and co-worker Cida.

For those not yet aware of the story, on Friday June 8, Cida (one of our head seamstresses) lost her daughter Pollyana in a traffic accident. Pollyana was only 30 years old, was the mother of 4 children and wife to Sgt. Andres Cardona. Needless to say that we are all tremendously saddened by this tragic event. Here at Hem Over Heels, we will be supporting our friend unconditionally because we know that a whole load of responsibilities squarely fell back on Cida’s shoulders. It is too much for her to swallow right now.

A GoFundMe page to help pay for the Funeral expenses is no longer accepting donations We thank you all who contributed. Unfortunately we were only able to reach 75% of the original goal set for this fund raiser. Now is not the time to abandon this family. If there is a way you can help them, please do! We will be accepting any donation from our customers and the money raised will be forwarded directly to the family. We hope you will join in the support group

Thank you again


Joe finished the new platform shoes by adding soles and heels for durability and strength.

…to platform shoes

Using solid pieces of cork, he shaped the bases to fit the new uppers and to duplicate the sample shoes style.

From flat sandals…

Joe took a simple pair of flat sandals and transformed them to be in vogue again…

Style modification

Inside the old wallet (before)

In time, some people develop attachments to objects. Despite going against common sense a few will insist on saving those items because of sentimental reasons. This wallet is a perfect example of such a situation. It used to belong to the customer’s late father…

 Joe managed to save that wallet… Wouldn’t you agree?

Exceptional work can only be done

by Exceptional Craftsmanship

Hem Over Heels is privileged to have one of the best in the trade…

See for yourself some of the work Joe’s done.

We are proud to display his work in our store.

Don’t be afraid to challenge his skills…

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