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Fitting for pants hem should always be done with the shoes you'll most likely be wearing.


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All prices shown on this web site or given over the phone (whenever you insist for any ballpark numbers) are there just to give you a general idea of the prices you could expect.

Prices are determined following many factors that will influence our estimate of the time required to do any specific type of jobs. Only when we can inspect the items in detail are we better equipped to give you those prices.

Sometimes, when we start to work, we realize that more work will be necessary in order to achieve the desired results. Most of the time when that happens we honor the agreed price. But it also happens that we need to call you and explain why the price for any given item might need to be modified.

On the other hand, it happens even more often that we give you a price break because a job ended up being easier than predicted. For that, we like to wait until you pick up your order to tell you the good news. Yes ! We like to see the customer’s reactions when they get a good news like that. And we are happy to deliver it in person...

Pants waist: Ladies/basic Men/basic Jeans waist .....................................25 ..............................20 to 25  .............................30 & up

Please note:

We give you a break whenever you require more than one job on any given item we will work on.

But that break will happen only if everything is done at the same time.

Amanda’s Wedding Dress

For this dress, we had to do quite a lot of work but it was all worth it. Especially for Amanda who got a quote for the same alterations from the Bridal Shop where she purchased her dress. They quoted her $450 to make that dress fit the way it should (and that is on top of what she already paid to buy the dress there in the first place).

We were able to do the work for $330 and it took us only one week to deliver it perfect (although for jobs of that magnitude, it is not uncommon to require a few minor touch ups here or there...)

This Wedding Dress is actually like two dresses combined into one. The first dress is pretty much like an evening dress that is covered by another lace dress draping and overflowing into a beautiful trail. Both dresses are morphed into one.

Here is a detailed account of what we’ve done to the dress insuring Amanda would retain her beautiful smile for her big day:

1- Hem of the under layer dress (lining/evening dress)

2- Take in top of shoulder straps

3-Take in on the back to make it more fitted

4-Hem on the outer layer dress for the trail. This was done by reattaching the ruffled lace border back on the dress

5-Insertion of breast cups

6-Darts on the front for a more fitted look (both sides)

7-Take in on the upper back to remove bubbling fabric.

X-Bustle added to dress (not visible on this picture)

Wedding dress altered at Hem Over Heels Line showing the inner hem Line showing where shoulders were altered 2 Line showing where the shoulders were altered Line showing the hem Line showing alteration on the back of the dress Line showing where breast cups were added. Line showing where darts were placed 2 Line showing area where darts were placed