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Shoe repair hammer and ladies shoe

Shoe Repair

This the official Hem Over Heels logo used on many places associated with the business. The blue and red logo is the variation that is mainly used but some other colors might pop up occasionally.

10833 S. Jog Rd., Ste 188,

Boynton Beach, FL 33437

North-West corner of Jog Rd & Woolbright Rd

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Tel: (561) 739-6000

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Business hours

Mon-Fri:     9:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday:   9:00am - 5:00pm

Price Guidelines!!! A word of caution

All prices shown on this web site or given over the phone (whenever you insist for any ballpark numbers) are there just to give you a general idea of the prices you could expect.

Prices are determined following many factors that will influence our estimate of the time required to do any specific type of jobs. Only when we can inspect the items in detail are we better equipped to give you those prices.

Sometimes, when we start to work, we realize that more work will be necessary in order to achieve the desired results. Most of the time when that happens we honor the agreed price. But it also happens that we need to call you and explain why the price for any given item might need to be modified.

On the other hand, it happens even more often that we give you a price break because a job ended up being easier than predicted. For that, we like to wait until you pick up your order to tell you the good news. Yes ! We like to see the customer’s reactions when they get a good news like that. And we are happy to deliver it in person...

Protective soles only: Ladies shoes/boots Men shoes/boots .................................30 .....................................35 Should you fix your shoes?

We understand that the world is changing and unfortunately, we can’t say that it is always for the better. A very clear example of that is the quality of shoes we all wear. Manufacturers are offering a huge assortment of styles and colors that are answering the demand of our consuming society. More than that, they are even making them comfortable rendering them almost irresistible.

But for the most part, they are also counting on you to come back as often as possible to buy more and more. So they create components (man made material) designed to fall apart very quickly. They don’t want you to fix your shoes (at least, they are working hard to complicate the shoemaker’s task).

Quite some time ago there used to be shoemakers on nearly every street corner in America. Today, you need to look hard to find one (never mind a good one). But for the consumer that figured out that purchasing one good pair of shoes is much less expensive then 3 pairs of cheap “short shelf life” shoes, the presence in the neighbourhood of a good shoemaker is still one of the best news you’ll ever get.

Being aware of all that, what we will first offer you when you come in is a thorough inspection of the shoes you bring in for repair. We know what it is to be on the other side of the counter and honesty is always a high valued quality. We don’t like it when we are being kept in the dark on purpose. That is why we will shine the spotlight on some stuff for you. We will point out some other issues you may be unaware of regarding your shoes.

You will then have enough information to determine if you still want to put that money into the repair rather than towards a new pair of shoes. Don’t ask us to make the judgement call. You know what those shoes are worth to you. But in some cases, even if you insist, we will refuse to repair them. Even if you beg us. Because we know already, your repaired shoes would fall apart with the first few steps you’d take. We would not want that to happen to us. So we won’t do that to you either...

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